Специализация - это класс персонажа, которые разделены на 3 разные категории:

  • Основные
  • Продвинутые
  • Гибридные 

После выбора первой специализации, вы можете открыть другие, потратив Discipline Points. All unlocked vocations will be free to return to, however you will be restricted as to when and where you may switch vocations.

General GameplayПравить

Despite their name, the vocations are on equal footing; each vocation is distinguished through different perks and skills/abilities, intended to suit different styles of gameplay rather than the traditional evolution to a more powerful class. Therefore it is perfect viable to play as a Fighter for the entirety or majority of the game.

Levelling in Dragon's Dogma seems to have two separate systems; one for your general stats, such as HP and Stamina, while the other is to level up your current vocation. Therefore your general stats and permeanant augmentations are transferred with you to whichever vocation you choose, but the vocation rank/level from one vocation will not transfer over to another class when you switch.

Basic VocationsПравить

Basic vocations are the classes that the Arisen may choose from at the start of their journey:

Advanced VocationsПравить

Advanced vocations can be unlocked once you have earned enough Discipline Points, the following vocations sacrificing defensive ability for greater offensive power:

Hybrid VocationsПравить

Hybrid vocations combine elements from two different classes, however they each have their own unique skills/abilities:


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